• [August 31, 2023]

Version 4.0 is now available: featuring a genetic system with editor, new cell functions including neural networks, fluid solver, a wider range of statistics function, dynamic parameter zones and much more 

    • [May 8, 2023]

    Beta of version 4.0 available: genome model and editor, neural networks, fluid solver, better statistics function and much more 

      • [October 5, 2022]

      Version 3.3.0 released: model extensions (food chain color matrix and cell color transition rules), shader parameter window and symbiosis examples 

        • [June 25, 2022]

        Version 3.2.0 released: simulation browser (for downloading/uploading/rating) and image to particles converter added 

          • [May 22, 2022]

          A Discord server has been established as a place for discussions, new developments and feedback.

            • [April 24, 2022]

            A short introduction to ALIEN can be found in the April 2022 edition of the ALife Newsletter.

              • [April 18, 2022]

              ALIEN version 3.1.0 released: barriers are introduced

                • [April 10, 2022]

                ALIEN version 3.0.0 together with a new documentation has been released. Both the engine and the GUI have been completely rewritten and modernized.

                  • [Dezember 2, 2021]

                  Cross-platform compilation using cmake and vcpkg is now working.

                    • [November 19, 2021]

                    The next major version is taking shape: New user interface, particle engine, spatially varying simulation parameters and statistics tools. A Windows installer from the developer branch is available.

                      • [August 19, 2021]

                      A preview video for version 3 is available on YouTube. A new particle engine is demonstrated.

                        • [May 19, 2021]

                        Version 2.5.0 released: UX improvements, better rendering quality and performance, advanced editor functions and much more.

                          • [March 5, 2021]

                          A subreddit has been created as a place for discussions, new infos and features. You are welcome to join our forum!

                            • [March 5, 2021]

                            New world building features have been developed. It is now easy to construct disc-shaped structures and to colorize arbitrary selections. Check out the latest version 2.4.0!

                              • [February 21, 2021]

                              alien version 2.3.0 has been released. A new info bar is introduced displaying general information, monitor data and logging protocol. Furthermore, a possibility to send bug reports including logs to a server is established.

                                • [February 3, 2021]

                                alien version 2.2.0 has been released. A vector graphic rendering on GPU is proudly presented. Please read the release notes for all changes.

                                  • [January 17, 2021]

                                  alien version 2.1.0 has been released featuring better usability. Please read the release notes for all changes.

                                    • [January 1, 2021]

                                    A demonstration video for an experimental GPU rendering method is available. It has been developed at the features/GpuVectorView branch and visualized the inner structures of the simulated bodies. The mentioned video shows different replicators in action.

                                    • [August 25, 2020]

                                    The development of alien - version 2.0.0 has been finished. It provides an extreme performance boost by making use of computations and parallelization techniques on GPU devices.

                                    • [January 11, 2020]

                                    All algorithms for alien simulation are now implemented in CUDA. The changes have been merged into the developer branch and will be released soon.  

                                    • [January 15, 2019]

                                    First results on GPU computations with CUDA seem promising. The prototypical alien physics engine on CUDA exhibits a high performance boost of about 10 times in comparison to a related CPU simulation. The measurements have been made on a system with core i7-6700 and GeForce 2080 TI.

                                    • [September 30, 2018]

                                    The new feature branch feature/CUDA has been created in order to develop support for GPU computing.

                                    • [August 9, 2018]

                                    An installer of alien for Microsoft Windows 10 is now available.

                                    • [August 9, 2018]

                                    After many years of development version 1.0.0 of alien including a comprehensive documentation has been released. The source code is available on the master branch in the alien-GitLab repository.

                                    Predecessor project

                                    The alien project was strongly inspired by a predecessor project named alien0. The conducted research studies and experiences have led to many new ideas that where incorporated in the present simulation software. In particular the need for a more realistic physics framework and extended programming capabilities of the artificial structures.

                                    More information about alien0 can be found at

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